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We are Pitts N Push Sports Talk Radio! Our mission is to promote a positive opinionated dialogue that includes discussions, mentorship, and healthy conversations with coaches and players alike. We occasionally cover an array of sports with a primary focus on Football. More importantly, our objective is to discuss the importance of an HBCU? Our goal is to provide an understanding of the Culture and Legacies of HBCU’s. We aim to provide more media exposure for Historically Black Colleges and Universities. We pride ourselves on giving back to both the communities and youth. We acknowledge and support players from all sports, and all levels from middle school to professional leagues.

We started an Annual School supply giveaway where we provide students of all grade levels with backpacks filled with school supplies, we engage local barbers and offer free haircuts and one lucky student will win a new bicycle.

We call this effort “Pitts N Push it Back!”
Giving Back to our youth, making a tangible difference in communities we know are underserved, pushing love, education and community.

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In a surprising turn of events in (March 20, 2023) Pitts N Push was slated to interview Nemo (Nyema Washington)who was the Offensive Coordinator of Wheeling University in Wheeling West WV. Pitts N Push was he first national sports outlet to receive insider news! Nemo was hired as the new wide receiver coach for the Cleveland Browns NFL football team!

That monumental interview was the catalyst that propelled our Sports Talk Radio program to national recognition.

Season 4 Episode 4

Coach Nemo Washington

Season 4 Episode 3

Coach Bernard Clark Jr

Season 4 Episode 2

Perry Traditional 4 Horseman Pt. 2


Pitts N Push Sports Talk Radio

Pitts N Push Sports Talk Radio was created to highlight and share the talents of Coaches and Students of Historically Black Colleges and Universities. We give HBCU sports a platform to engage, collaborate and gleam best practices with each other nationally and with the world to bring about inclusion. It is our desire and mission to highlight the hard work, passion, talents and often times overlooked gifts that lie in these individuals of HBCU universities as well as National Sports teams.

Sports is a national topic where people of all ages, gender and backgrounds can engage. We’ve created a platform where all are welcome to engage and be a part of the fun discussions.


The Rise, Awareness, and Impact of HBCU Sports
Co-hosted with Candi Waller, Founder and Owner of CWall Sports & Entertainment.


The objective of the round table is to discuss the legacy, current culture and path forward. This conversation is the first of many that we will have planned throughout the year.

This event will be live streamed for viewers, and will also air on local television throughout the Metropolitan Washington Area. A flyer will be created with your name and picture as a featured event panelist.

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